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See the World Clearly: The Value of a Biblical Worldview

Christian education is more than merely adding a Bible class and chapel service to the busy schedule of a student. It is a comprehensive educational paradigm that reflects the truth of God, predicament of mankind, and hopeful destiny in Christ by giving a biblical worldview. A good definition of biblical
worldview is:

The biblical worldview is a means of experiencing, interpreting, and responding to reality in light of biblical perspectives. This view provides a personal understanding of every idea, opportunity, and experience based on the identification and application of relevant biblical principles so that
each choice we make may be consistent with God’s principles and commands (Barna, 2022).

Biblical worldview is the filter that we see the world through. It is the corrective glasses that help us to see reality clearly and truthfully. It informs us on every aspect of knowledge and all educational disciplines. This enables the student to make choices that are right for their lives and the people around them because they are rooted in actual virtue, wisdom, and truth. Our modern age has extended its reach technologically but is losing grip spiritually. Recent research has
confirmed that only 4% of the American population has a biblical worldview. This has become apparent by the increase of autocracies across the world, racial tensions, violence, immorality, and widespread confusion on the most basic of life’s facts.

Biblical worldview is also an approach. It orients the teacher to see the student as an image bearer of God. Humans are more than animals. Our daily lives showcase the amazing gift of his image through the witness of free will, rationality, morality, and relational love. A Biblical worldview makes sense of how we see our children as intrinsically valuable and imbued with dignity.

This approach shows up in the classroom through unconditional love and structure. We also must see the student balanced by the truth of the deleterious effects of sin and a need for the Savior and His Word.

Mars Hill Bible School has the word Bible in its name for a reason. The Scriptures and a knowledge of God provide an essential foundation for academic excellence, creative arts, and disciplined athletics. Come see the world clearly.

For more information on biblical worldview and research: