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Making an Eternal Difference

Spiritual formation is at the heart of everything we do at MHBS. At its core, the mission of MHBS is to instill the Word of God and a Christ-like spirit in every student. Our goal is to aid parents in raising up committed servant leaders who make a difference in their own neighborhoods and around the world. From TK through 12th grade, a Mars Hill student will receive over 2800 hours of dedicated Bible study in a loving atmosphere.

Daily chapel provides a respite from academic challenges and allows students to join in a communal period of worship. Daily Bible classes promote biblical knowledge and wisdom, with an emphasis on practical application to everyday living. Our students are encouraged to live out Luke 2:52, growing in "wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." They are taught genuine discipleship and attitudes of service.

Mars Hill Bible School abides by the powerful words once spoken by T.B. Larimore: “We loved one another, and love ruled the school.”

Spiritual Formation

Elementary students have a half-hour Bible class daily within their individual classrooms. Middle and high school students have a 45-minute Bible class period daily.

Every teacher is a committed Christian who emulates Christ in his/her daily walk. Classes follow a yearly curriculum plan which navigates through the Bible in an engaging and comprehensible way. These classes are designed to lay the foundation for a lifetime of spiritual growth.

Every student attends a daily, age-appropriate chapel service that allows them to refocus, recharge, and reconnect with God. The time is typically filled with a period of singing, prayer, Scripture reading, and/or an encouraging devotional message. Parents are welcomed to attend and participate in daily chapel.

A heart of service is encouraged through various student- and staff-led programs and activities. Optional programs, including Daughters of the King, the Ambassadors, and others, are well attended and received. Students are encouraged to serve in ways that reflect their God-given talents and abilities.

Middle school students participate in an annual Life Day, a full day dedicated to spiritual encouragement and rejuvenation. High school students participate in a two-day retreat designed to encourage focus on spiritual development.