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Support the Mission of Mars Hill Bible School

Since 1871, Mars Hill Bible School has stood as a “bright and burning light” in our community and around the world. Both its original founder, T.B. Larimore, and the visionary men and women who re-established the school in 1947 dreamed that every student at Mars Hill would learn to make a difference in the world, receive an extraordinary education, and be led by the spirit of Christ. 

Mars Hill teachers and staff are still working hand in hand with parents to provide a quality education, rooted in Christian ideals, and to raise up committed, Christ-filled servant leaders who will make a difference in their own neighborhoods and around the world. We depend on the sacrificial generosity of our board, faculty and staff, parents, grandparents, alumni, family, and friends to fill the significant gap not covered by tuition and fees. The blessing of Christian education requires the support of the Mars Hill community through gifts of time, support, and financial contributions.

Help us secure Mars Hill Bible School's future for the next 150 years! We invite you to support Mars Hill Bible School today.

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