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A Foundation of Academic Excellence

MHBS offers a rigorous academic program designed to educate the whole student and prepare them intellectually for success beyond the classroom. Our emphasis is on learning within a creative and stimulating environment. The school is fully accredited and has received the "Excellence in Education” Award three times from the US Department of Education. Our ACT scores, college acceptance rate, and scholarship offers continue to reflect our high academic expectations. 

In keeping with Christian character, students are challenged to pursue excellence in every field of study. We aim for our students to be competitive in every field and at every level. All academics are grounded in a Christian worldview that includes a strong work ethic, devotion to learning, and a desire to glorify God in every discipline. Students are encouraged to compete in the rigors of global competition, and teachers are encouraged to raise standards higher than learning commissions require.

STEM Certified: Mars Hill Bible School was the first private school in Alabama to achieve STEM certification (October 2019). To continue our pursuit, we encourage student-centered and project-based learning with an emphasis on design thinking and problem solving skills.

Cognia Accredited: Mars Hill Bible School is fully accredited by Cognia. Cognia has operated for over 125 years under former agencies NCA CASI, NWAC, and SACS CASI.

NCSA: Mars Hill Bible School is a member of the National Christian School Association.

High School: A modified block schedule including three core classes, Bible, chapel, enrichment, and elective daily.

Electives include Family and Consumer Science Classes, GameChangers, Film Studies, Life in the Craft Lane, and Athletic P.E.

Middle School: A seven-period day includes four core subjects, Bible, chapel, choice of band/chorus/art, and P.E.

Students also have opportunities for extracurriculars such as team sports, robotics, marching band, spring musical, and a variety of clubs and organizations.

30+ Hours of Dual Enrollment

Our students earn college credit in science, math, history, and English while taking classes here on campus taught by Mars Hill teachers, allowing students to have a full high school experience without having to leave campus to gain college credits.

Courses offered: Chemistry 101 & 102, English 101 & 102, Math 112 & 113 & 125, History 101, and CIS 146 (computer science). Students also have the opportunity to take online classes through NWSCC and UNA. Sample classes include Psychology and Art Appreciation.

Biblical Worldview
As an institute of learning, Mars Hill believes Christian education is an exercise in greater and deeper knowledge—every fact and figure, coupled with spiritual connections. Students learn how profoundly Christian faith and biblical text have shaped the Western world. They come to appreciate the Christian intellectual tradition that has advanced every discipline. Students are taught to envision their studies as a search for ultimate truth. 

Academic Disciplines

  • High School Bible classes focus primarily on New Testament studies.  The classes are not only academic in nature but also practical to everyday life.  
  • Middle School Bible classes have a mix of Old and New Testament studies. These students are given the foundation from the history of God’s people to the establishment of the church. 

  • High School - The English Department integrates literature, composition, grammar, and vocabulary, with emphasis on academic research and professional preparation. It strives to equip students for college, career, life, and eternity by reading, writing, and teaching through the lens of Christian faith. The Department encourages students to become lifelong learners in many ways, including through its long-standing summer reading tradition.

    The literature component follows the Alabama Course of Study:
    • 9th Grade: Literature genre study with major works including To Kill a Mockingbird and Romeo and Juliet. 
    • 10th Grade: Early American Literature (Beginnings-1900) with major works including The Scarlet Letter and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; honors and college bound sections available
    • 11th Grade: Late American Literature (1900-Present) with major works including Our Town, The Great Gatsby, Of Mice and Men, and The Crucible; honors/dual credit and college bound sections available
    • 12th Grade: British Literature with major works including Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, Macbeth, and Mere Christianity; honors/dual credit and college bound sections available
  • Middle School - The middle school language arts program prioritizes instruction in grammar, usage, and mechanics, with a focus on improving writing and communication skills. Students are introduced to various reading strategies, literary terminology, and vocabulary to enhance their reading abilities, and the language program employs a wide selection of stories, articles, novels, poems, and the Accelerated Reading program to encourage independent reading.
  • High School - World History, U.S. History I and II, Government and Economics, Western Civilization
    Middle School- Using a Biblical worldview curriculum, our seventh and eighth grade students gain a biblical perspective on key events, people, and historical writings. Special attention is given to U.S. History, World Heritage Studies, and Cultural Geography. 

  • High School - Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, PreCalculus I and II, Calculus
  • Middle School - Middle school students begin their math journey by studying an integrated curriculum and focus on key concepts to be grasped in the middle grades. Seventh and eighth graders transition to begin a study of algebraic thinking. 
  • High School - Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Ecology, Anatomy 
  • Middle School - Using a Biblical Worldview curriculum, middle school students study Earth, Life, and Physical Science. Middle schoolers begin with integrated sciences, seventh graders focus on Life Science, and eighth graders study Physical Science (Chemistry/Physics).