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What do you love about MHBS?

“My children thrive here, and that means everything to our family. Spirituality is first here, and that trickles down into everything my kids do." - MHBS Parent

“My daughter BLOSSOMED at MHBS. She was reserved at her old school, but at MHBS her teacher saw her and called out her gifts. Because of this, we have a different child. THANK YOU to the teachers and staff that pour into not only our kids' education, but also their spirits.” - MHBS Parent

“Mars Hill is thriving and filled with encouragement to others. It provides so many opportunities, outside of the classroom, that allows our daughter to do all the things and experience all the places and activities with her friends and classmates.” - MHBS Parent

“It has provided deep biblical knowledge and a foundation for the future, as well as a sense of family and community for us.” - MHBS Parent

“We love that our kids are not only growing academically but spiritually as well.” - MHBS Parent

“Mars Hill is HOME!” - MHBS Parent