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Academic Excellence Prepares Students
for Success


MHBS emphasizes academics in an enriching and creative learning environment. Our classrooms are designed to provide students with an inspiring place to grow. 


MHBS adheres to the Alabama state curriculum standards. In November 2010, the Alabama State Board of Education approved the adoption of the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS). The standards are a combination of common core standards and selected Alabama standards. By combining both Common Core and Alabama's standards, our state has adopted one of the most comprehensive sets of standards in the nation. Over 95 percent of MHBS students attend college. It is vital that we consider the CCSS when planning our curriculum, as colleges expect students to have mastered standard skills. Colleges require that students take at least one standardized college-entrance exam - the ACT or the SAT. Both of these exams are aligned with state standards.


As a private Christian school, MHBS has the distinctive advantage of flexibility in the implementation of these standards. We can choose to elect out of what does not align with our goals, and we can embrace what best serves our students. It is our intention to provide students every opportunity to be prepared for the future that awaits them beyond high school, both spiritually and academically. Preparation for college entrance exams and standardized tests, along with course planning aligned with college expectations, are important factors that we consider as we partner with parents to prepare students for college and career opportunities after graduation.


At MHBS, we believe that our students should receive an experience that includes an excellent spiritual and academic education. It is our goal to offer students an education that is truly “more than common core”!


To learn more about all that MHBS has to offer your child, follow the links to the school of your choice.



Class of 2018's ranking on ACT score in our area (4th highest composite ACT score in the state of Alabama)


Percentage of Mars Hill graduates who continue to post-secondary education



Scholarship dollars earned by the Class of 2018 (almost $70,000 per student)


Percentage of Mars Hill graduates who take a remedial course in college (compared to an average of 60% statewide)

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