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At its core, Mars Hill is a Christ-centered institution, with a strong spiritual emphasis connecting to every aspect of the school. Mars Hill Bible School’s mission is to provide a quality education, rooted in Christian ideals, and to raise up committed, Christ-filled servant leaders who will make a difference in their own neighborhoods and around the world. To this end, the school is designed to provide every child with a challenging Christ-centered education emphasizing spiritual, academic, physical, and social development in a nurturing environment. Students are encouraged to use their talents to the glory of God and for the betterment of their communities. In every pursuit, Mars Hill students are learning to practice genuine discipleship, to excel in their pursuits, and growing hearts for service.


In keeping with our Christian mission, Mars Hill Bible School is committed to intentional emphasis on the following strategic vision.

Mars Hill will be a CHRIST-CENTERED inst

Strategic Priority #1: Mars Hill will be a CHRIST-CENTERED institution. 

Our starting place in all endeavors is to follow in step with the Spirit to please the Father through embracing the mind, heart, and spirit of Jesus Christ. Through words and actions, our faculty and staff confess our loyalty to Jesus Christ and our united agreement in the central truths that have always characterized the Christian faith. This is evident in everything we do, not simply what we teach. Our daily chapel services encourage your children to participate in meaningful, spirited worship with their peers, in order to refocus, recharge, and reconnect with God. Our daily Bible classes are an integral part of the curriculum for all students. In these classes, students engage the biblical text, examine the basics of a healthy Christian worldview, grow in understanding the essentials of Christian faith, learn the history of Christian thought, and are instructed in Christian virtue. Students are encouraged to develop healthy habits, helping them grow in character development and spiritual formation. But, at Mars Hill, Christian spirituality is holistic, rather than compartmentalized, and extends far beyond chapel and Bible courses. Students take part in a vibrant learning environment within a loving, supportive atmosphere, and are taught a gracious vision of life that runs through every discipline. Faculty, staff, and students are expected to model Christian grace and follow a code of conduct consistent with Christian ideals. In short, everything we do is filtered through the lens of being Christ-centered in word, thought, and action. From our sports program, to the arts, to every discipline we teach, Mars Hill reflects a Christian approach that seeks first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Mars Hill will be a School of Academic E

Strategic Priority #2: Mars Hill will be a school of ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE. 

An institute of learning is tasked with educating students and preparing them intellectually. Mars Hill Bible School takes that task to heart. We seek to help students love God with all of their mind (Matt 22:37). Scripture warns that suffering often comes from lack of knowledge (Isa 5:13; Hosea 4:6), and our Lord modeled the greatest commandment through growing in wisdom (Luke 2:52). We are an academic institution that emphasizes learning within a creative and stimulating environment. Our history bears this out. The school is fully accredited and has received the "Excellence in Education” Award three times from the US Department of Education. Our ACT scores, college acceptance rate, and scholarship offers will continue to reflect our high academic expectations. In keeping with Christian character, students are challenged to pursue excellence in every field of study. Through intentional prep courses, we make it our goal for every graduate to continue on to post-secondary education with academic honors, or to be well-prepared for vocation after high school. We aim for our students to be competitive in every field and at every level. All academics are grounded in a Christian worldview that includes a strong work ethic, devotion to learning, and a desire to glorify God in every discipline. This is in keeping with the Christian intellectual tradition, which has long held that “faith seeking understanding” is a labor of love.  As an institute of learning, Mars Hill believes Christian education is an exercise in greater and deeper knowledge—every fact and figure, coupled with spiritual connections. Students learn how profoundly Christian faith and biblical text have shaped the Western world. They come to appreciate the Christian intellectual tradition that has advanced every discipline. Students are taught to envision their homework and study as a search for ultimate truth. Students are encouraged to compete in the rigors of global competition, and teachers are encouraged to raise standards higher than learning commissions require.

Strategic Priority #3.png

Strategic Priority #3: Mars Hill will seek to provide an AFFORDABLE education. 

Throughout the Biblical narrative, God instructs his people to operate with fairness and integrity (Ex 23:3; Job 34:19; 2 Cor 8:13-14), while showing particular sensitivity and compassion toward those who lack resources (Lev 14:21-30; Deut 15:11; Prov 14:21; 19:17; Luke 14:13; Gal 2:10; James 2:5). Despite our incredible offerings, for a variety of reasons—some economic, some geographical, some generational, and some personal—it is becoming increasingly difficult for some parents to sacrificially invest in Mars Hill Bible School. We exist to provide a quality, Christ-centered education to a diverse population. While treating all persons alike, we do not want cost to hinder children from experiencing all we have to offer. For this reason, Mars Hill will be intentional on four fronts. First, we will continue to price our tuition at an affordable rate and monitor the situation to ensure that it remains so. Second, we will offer free money management counseling for parents who do not qualify for financial assistance but find it difficult to afford tuition. Third, we will redouble our efforts to provide financial aid to those in need, using the FACTS program to provide fair and generous assistance. Fourth, when considering financial policy changes, we will seek to especially benefit those on a lower income and those who enroll multiple children.

Strategic Priority 4.png

Strategic Priority #4: Mars Hill will encourage character development, with students GROWING HEARTS FOR SERVICE. 

God calls for all people to pursue a life marked by inner virtue and outward service (Gal 5:22-23; 2 Peter 1:5-7). Faculty and staff of Mars Hill assist in the molding of whole persons: men and women of character. Those who graduate from our fine institution are likely to change their major, their job, or even their career several times. But from day one, Mars Hill makes it her mission to help prepare students for living as whole persons in every area of life. We seek not only to graduate a good student, but a godly one. The school seeks to not only produce students capable of higher education and skilled labor, but also students capable of being virtuous husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, neighbors and community members. As an institute of learning, we create civilization, and the highest end of civilization is whether the glory of God will be in their midst. The faculty and staff of Mars Hill are intentional about character formation—in the classroom, on the ball field, and in service to the community. One of our central tasks is to create character, making capable and cultivated human beings. The school has done well when, more so than when they entered, students leave more compassionate about others, more unified within themselves, and more obedient to the spiritual vision God places before them.

Strategic Priority 5.png

Strategic Priority #5: Mars Hill will embrace DIVERSITY. 

At Mars Hill, we value and recognize the strength of diversity. All people are created in the image of God and reflect the beauty and glory of God. Recognizing the brotherhood of humanity, we wish for our students to form bonds of genuine fraternity with children who do not look or think the same as they. In addition, Christians—called into one body of Christ—are part of a diverse fellowship of believers which God celebrates (Galatians 3:28; Colossians 3:11). Followers of Christ are called to the ministry of reconciliation, and this includes practicing hospitality and forming relationships across racial and economic lines. For these reasons, Mars Hill is intentional in embracing cultural diversity. We also recognize the strength of diversity by welcoming students of all faith traditions, and respecting freedom of thought. Mars Hill Bible School seeks to foster a nurturing environment for students, complete with a profound generosity of spirit that exists alongside bold faith, positive hope, and genuine love. Students are encouraged to speak and act with boldness and conviction concerning the central truths of the Christian faith but with generosity and charity in all matters. With a firm conviction that our spiritual identity is in Christ alone, students, faculty, and staff seek to cultivate inner virtue, tolerance for opposing views, and genuine love for one other. 

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