Show Choir

Celebration 2012 Dazzles the Audience On Stage And On-Line

Colorful. Energetic. Professional. Great Music and Choreography. Dazzling costumes. Hours and hours of hard work. A crowd pleaser. Select any of the references above and you still couldn't explain the value of Show Choir.

The performances were spectacular as MHBS students performed before over 1000 people at each performance. This was the third year that the Celebration cast performed to full-house audiences at Norton Auditorium on the campus of the University of Notrh Alabama. Mr. Jeremy Painter and Mrs. J. J. Davenport co-directed the 2012 Celebration cast's performances on September 7-9.

In anticipation of Celebration 2012, a music video was directed by Jeremy Painter and produced in association with the Nashville Film Institute on You Tube Channel featuring the Hallway Heroes characters and many other show choir members. In the Hallway Heroes music video, Mars Hill students served as the actors and singers in front of the cameras, as film students from Nashville Film Institute satisfied their own course requirements to storyboard, shoot, edit, and produce a music video.

The big crowd pleasers from "Celebration 2012" were the medley "Fire and Ice"and the explosive finale featuring pyrotechnic special effects.

Show Choir Directors

Show Choir Director

J. J. Davenport


Assistant Director

Ashley Hargett


Peter Pan Cast List

Middle School Musical

Peter Pan Cast


Peter Pan-Cameron Mann

Tinkerbell-Claire Lawson

The Fairies: Anna Bridges, Lilly Chandler, Emma Davenport, Sara Sain, Kylee House, Emily Wilkes,

     Iridessa-Sadie Segars

     Silvermist-Emma Heupel

     Rosetta- Camille Erwin

     Fawn-Lilly Ann Olive

     Lyria-Julia Garrett

     Vidia-Claire Wilkes

Wendy-Olivia Owens

John-Ethan Mitchell

Michael-Ben Owens

Mr. Darling-John Medley

Mrs. Darling-Elizabeth Presley

Nana-Victoria Rollins

Captain Hook-Jack McKinnon

Smee-Daniel Ross

The Pirates: Sylas Gibson, Adria Rutherford, Sydney McKinnon, Ennsley Montgomery,

     Jukes-Garrett Cox

     Flint-Connor Glover

     Cookson-Nora Hardy

     Murphy-Victoria Rollins

     Noodler-Faith Stanfield

     Skylights-Grace Ann Bretherick

The Crocodile-Sadie Killen

The Lost Boys- Ashlynn Derr, Sophia Barrier, Ari Owens, Iva Cabler

Cubby-Cody Watson

Skunk-Trulie Holden

Foxy-Anthony Wilbanks

Hop-Hnah Erwin

Raccoon Twins-Brady Wallace and Jordan Binion

Chief Tiger Bamboo-Will Roberson

Tiger Lily-Macy Wallace

The Indians: Iesha Long, Hannah Henry, Emma Choate, Harliegh Brown, Ivey Isbell, Maddie Howton,

     Brave Pine-Brittin Strickland

     Brave Oak-Ty Bates

     Brave Shrub-Gracie Barrier

The Mermaids: Mary Caroline Rose, Emma Reaves, Macy Henderson, Sydney Creasey

     Aquata-Abby Foust

     Andrina-Mary Choate

     Arista-Averee Williamson

     Atina-Meagan Jones

     Adella-Liliana Derr

     Allana-Lucy Clark