Show Choir

Celebration 2012 Dazzles the Audience On Stage And On-Line

Colorful. Energetic. Professional. Great Music and Choreography. Dazzling costumes. Hours and hours of hard work. A crowd pleaser. Select any of the references above and you still couldn't explain the value of Show Choir.

The performances were spectacular as MHBS students performed before over 1000 people at each performance. This was the third year that the Celebration cast performed to full-house audiences at Norton Auditorium on the campus of the University of Notrh Alabama. Mr. Jeremy Painter and Mrs. J. J. Davenport co-directed the 2012 Celebration cast's performances on September 7-9.

In anticipation of Celebration 2012, a music video was directed by Jeremy Painter and produced in association with the Nashville Film Institute on You Tube Channel featuring the Hallway Heroes characters and many other show choir members. In the Hallway Heroes music video, Mars Hill students served as the actors and singers in front of the cameras, as film students from Nashville Film Institute satisfied their own course requirements to storyboard, shoot, edit, and produce a music video.

The big crowd pleasers from "Celebration 2012" were the medley "Fire and Ice"and the explosive finale featuring pyrotechnic special effects.

Show Choir Directors

Show Choir Director

J. J. Davenport


Assistant Director

Ashley Hargett


Senior Play Cast

Paint the Town Pink

Senior Play Cast List


Assistant Director-Rachel Richmond

Stage Manager-Hannah Holt

Mr. Clarke-Ridge Allen

Sally-Sidney Harmon

Rem Tyler-Ben August

Christy Smith-Ellen Davenport

Loretta- Shelby Patterson

June-Katie Clemmons

Ruthie-Anna Brown

Nan-Ellie White

Louise-Victoria Sain

Herb-Gates Killen

Warren-Blake Humphries

Miss Carey-Madeline Hayes

Miss Hughes-Lydia Powers

Mr. Wilkinson- Clay Holliday

Mrs. Lawton-Emme Hensley

Rose Ryan-Annsley Wison

Mrs. Kessler-Zane Patterson

Johnson-Peyton Swinney

Al (Ali)-Arden Rose

Mrs. Ramsey-Hannah Foust

Moran-Thomas May

Hank-Silas McGee

Joe-Courtney Adcock

Chief Foster-Rhett Thigpen

Mayor Langford-Olivia Jackson

Winnie-Mary Brook Willis


There is an epic write in part which will include: Allie Rapphun, Anna Katherine Green, Rachel Richmond, Hannah Holt, Samantha Long, Barrett Hibbett, Ethan Smith, Emma Paine and Jeremi Vo


Stage Crew: Mac Hickerson, Peyton Swinney